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"Abstraction's radical potential is that it presents itself as like nothing else. And therefore it allows you to imagine another condition outside the realm of the probable."

-Gregg Bordowitz

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a thought on ''postmodernism"

"From my viewpoint, I remain quite suspicious of the term 'postmodernism'.... because the precursor term, 'modern' itself, has not simply been used to devalue the cultures of oppressed and exploited people, but also has failed to deeply illumine the internal complexities of these cultures. Under these circumstances, there is little reason to hold out hope for a new term 'postmodernism' as applied to the practices of an oppressed people."

--Cornel West

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

I made these photos at school while I was supposed to be working on research for a paper for Art History. I was scanning in images for the presentation and accidentally let the page slip while the scanner was in process. The result was the illusion of the page bending in space. I liked the effect so I replicated it by dragging cotton rags over the surface of the flat bed scanner and waving my hand over the scanner bed. These images came from a process that was totally slacker-generated and spontaneous. A good example of how something interesting and possibly useful can come about while doing something seemingly unrelated. I also really like the idea of making art when you are supposed to be doing something else.

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plaster cast in cardboard mold. blue dyed reed. ruins, plant life, natural, fabricated, entropy, regeneration, biology, architecture.


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